Not long after I quit drinking, I was chatting online with a friend about all the work I was putting into becoming the person I wanted to be again, things I thought needed to change about me as a human being after all the years I felt I faltered and failed.

She said something to me I will never forget. She said, “I love you for the person you are right now, today, not the person you will become tomorrow or in five years.” A poignant reminder that, to her, to those who love me, I am enough, just as I am.

The same applies now, with physical change. I push and push to become what I think will be better and more “perfect” and while there is nothing inherently wrong with self-improvement, I need to remember to be patient with myself and to be kind to myself, that there is no deadline and no finish line and no set marker when I will be “(fill in the blank) enough” to be loved or admired more in the eyes of the people who care about me. They already do. Much more importantly, I should, too.

I am enough. In every way. Then, now, always.


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