Gallery: Run to the V 5K 2013

  • My time: 27:13/8:45 pace
  • Steve’s time: 22:46/7:19 pace (!!)

Only a few things to say about this race:

  • I did exactly what I said I was going to do: about 20/30/50, perhaps even a bit closer to 20/25/55 with my breathing rate (monitored by my sense of goal time and looking at my watch as I went to check myself). I had to reign myself in hard at the start because this was a RACE. Everyone took off like a shot. I had to be careful to ignore what everyone else doing and find my rhythm for myself. In the end, I feel like I gave 90%, not quite my ALL. I have so many more years of improvements ahead and I am really excited to challenge myself for 5K PRs with this running group (they do one nearly monthly).
  • It was 40 degrees out but I wore no gloves, no hat and no jacket. I remember my first 10K in October when it was suddenly freezing yet I saw “serious looking runners” (you all know what I mean) wearing shorts and tech shirts and nothing else… I thought they were crazy. I don’t think they’re crazy now. I find myself wishing I had worn my long Fila shorts or capris instead of pants. Mm hm.
  • Since both of us hit our time goals (I was aiming for 8:45; he was aiming for 7:30), coming in second in our age/gender groups was a nice way to mark that achievement. I know if this event had been hundreds strong, it wouldn’t have happened, but damn it was nice to get medals for those focused efforts.

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