Gallery: Field Work 2013 – Old Lease

Yesterday’s trip out east to the hunting lease:

  • Long car rides are good. And long car rides with old dnb/jungle mixes as the soundtrack sets a vibe for me and Steve that is uniquely ours. There’s also the chance for long conversations: we talked about our future, about buying our own land, building a small house, retiring out to the country. Both of us had that as one of our childhood fantasies and it’s starting to seem like it might be viable, perhaps even a decade or more before retirement.
  • Tooling around in a side-by-side is sooo fun. I could have done it all day. This particular one is Steve’s best friend’s toy, and I want one of our own so badly now. At $8K for the base model though, it will definitely have to wait. Eek.
  • We got the varmint cages drilled into the feeders, which was the one practical reason we needed to get out there. The raccoons were eating too much of the goodies, after figuring out how to get the spinner to spit out food. Smart, annoying little things. Glad we got that taken care of – it’s a waste buying bags of feed to nourish deer you want to harvest only to have critters steal the stuff.
  • We also explored and scouted deeper in the woods and found new hunting spots for next season, places with water and a lot of obvious animal foot traffic. This is very, very good. I want three or four deer next year and we have to plan for it properly.
  • Being out in the woods with Steve helped my mental state, as it always does. The sounds of the birds and the rustling breeze and the smell of the pines and the dirt were soul-soothing. I didn’t come back 100%, but a change of scenery helped loads.

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