Flashback Friday: Double DJ Edition.

Background – probably filed under things you didn’t know about me: I’m a musician through and through. Music always came naturally to me – reading, playing, all of it – and I tried every instrument I had available when I was a kid:

  • Oboe – started out on this in elementary school.
  • Bassoon – got roped into switching to in 8th grade since they didn’t have any players, got pretty great at it through middle and high school, went to state competitions, etc.
  • Flute – also started in 8th grade after my friend taught me how to play hers and I loved it so much my dad bought me a used one for my 13th birthday. I practiced it obsessively in the evenings for a good two years.
  • Piano – my dad was a piano player/singer for a living, so of course I played a little, never as well as I would have liked.
  • Clarinet – fiddled around, nothing serious.
  • Recorders – yes, like the ones they make you play in music class when you’re little. My dad and I went and bought good wooden ones in a variety of sizes plus some old classical music books for recorder duets and we’d play together sometimes on Sunday afternoons. What a great memory.

As for Steve, he started DJing when he was about 15 – neighborhood parties, hip hop, that sort of thing. By the time I met him at 17, he had moved to the suburbs and wasn’t really doing that anymore. Then while he was in the Marines, he got into the rave scene in California – as a lot of the young Marines did – and fell in love with L.A. jungle/UK drum and bass. He started up DJing again in 1998 and has done it ever since. That’s why we have a music room in our house (I’ll post a picture one of these days).

Long story short, I was snotty about the electronic stuff for so long that it took until 2002 before he got me fully into the underground music scene. Once I gave it a real go, though, I understood right away how deeply, innately talented he was – a true musician. I fell head over heels for the complexity of that particular music and for HIM as a DJ (and a dancer!) and dnb/jungle has been a fundamental part of our existence ever since. That might even be an understatement – it is literally the soundtrack to our lives. Except when I’m listening to movie scores. Because Hans Zimmer.


This is Steve and I messing around after his birthday dinner in August 2006. Ah, that old mixer. I love the Pioneer we have now, but I really loved that Tascam. I knew how to play with him without getting in his way and we would create something really fun together with certain tracks – he would mix and scratch and I would do cuts and fades and volume changes and effects on the board and we would jam the f*&k out.


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