Gallery: Run the Rails 5K 2013

  • My official time: 24:25 (7:51 pace), overall 58/514 (top 11%), 3/65 in gender/age group (F/35-39)
  • Steve’s official time: 21:52 (7:02 pace), overall 14/514 (top 2%) 1/26 in gender/age group (M/35-39)

Quick recap:

  • Tough, fast race. I didn’t quite hit my goal of 7:45 pace, but I was close. We both got medals, though, which is what we really wanted. Awesome.
  • I pushed as hard as I could and mentally steeled myself against all discomfort… until about 2.5 miles and then I flagged a bit. The woman who came in just ahead of me in my age group, a familiar runner actually, whom I had been fairly even with the whole time, pulled ahead of me around there. Dang it. She did motivate me to push when I didn’t want to, though, so I can only thank her. Right? 😉
  • When I went to check the results I was blown away to see myself on Page 1. Then I scanned up and saw Steve near the top and was even more ecstatic. 14th… just wow. Thrilling.
  • Today was one of those perspective days – meaning I thought about how 18 months ago, I was smoking and wheezing. Now I can run a sub 8-minute pace 5K. Ridiculous. *Sniff*

Great race. Great morning.


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