What Else Is Possible?

I’ve spoken here before about my tendency toward fear and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I actually let this part of me get pretty out of control throughout May and June. When that happens, poor Steve, it gets vented on to him, mostly. The rest goes to my mom, my coworkers, my sister. I cannot allow myself to relax and be happy, so I walk around tense and worried and make myself miserable and irritable. They get the spill over.

I simply have not been allowing myself to accept happiness. Fortunately, I know exactly what my two main motivations are for this, and I will continue to work on them… but this post is not about the reasons or the problems. It’s about one of the simple and beautiful answers.

I was emailing with a good friend this morning, a woman struggling with some very heavy grief and loss and issues of her own. She wrote me to tell me she was changing jobs (a big positive change) and that she was coming out of her cloud of grief somewhat – all great news.

Then she asked how I was. I said mostly very well but I had been struggling a lot this last few months with waiting for the other shoe to drop syndrome, being discontent with happiness, etc.

Her response:

“A phrase that someone recently shared with me… she used to say “Now what?” but had an attitude shift and changed it to, “What else is possible?”

You are in a good place, so from this good place, ask, “What else is possible?” What is your next good thing… the next truly amazing thing that you never could have predicted? Kind of fun to look at it that way…“

I replied:

“I really, really like that. “What else is possible?” It changes the whole focus of that state of not knowing, from negative anticipation to “heck yeah, life, what else can we do??” LOVE THIS. Thank you. You gave me a gift with that today.“

This really was one of those moments for me. My brain opened up and said “YES. THAT.” I am keeping this one close to the surface for a while.


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