Gallery: Field Work 2013 – New Lease

New Hunting Lease for 2013 season:

  • At the front gate
  • Where we parked the car, by one of the feeders
  • Me being me (thank you Under Armour for my comfort in the heat today)
  • Steve up a tree (love this!)

We went out to do some work – put up tree stand safety gear, bow hanger, tree steps, set up another trail camera, grab the memory cards from the other three to see what’s been running around, scope out any areas that haven’t yet been scoped out for good hunting, fill feeders.

It was a great day. So much work, loads of sweat, tons of bugs, surrounded by natural beauty – an awesome way to spend a Saturday, if you ask me. It’s about 2 hours, 45 minutes each way, so a lot of the day was spent in the car, but we got about 4 hours outdoors, too. I breathed deeply, focused on pure happiness, no anger, no irritability. Steve and I spent the whole ride back just talking, as we do. It was soul-soothing.


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