365 Days of Running: A Reflection

This accomplishment of yours… it’s possibly one of the greatest achievements of your life. Think about what it took to go from nearly dead from self-inflicted asthma to a runner who averaged running almost 5 miles a day for a whole YEAR. It’s mind-boggling.

I love you. And I’m more proud of you than I think you could possibly understand.

—Steve, in our daily chat last Friday, as I was talking about what I should write about for my 365 days.

And just like that, he cut right to the heart of the matter and summed it up short and sweet.

When I set out to write something for my 365 Days, I had all these ideas about what to include about running, habit, mental health, physical health, weight loss, pace, breathing, gear, races, books. On and on.

Semantics. All talked about ad nauseum in my daily posts.

In the end, my running every day for a year was a much more personal challenge that had a lot less to do with running than it did with locking into place one more element of a life transformed.

A little over three years ago, I was destroying myself – physically, mentally, financially – with alcohol, food, inactivity and cigarettes (Steve saying “nearly dead” was not an exaggeration; there were some scary days with my failing lungs). I was a miserable wreck inside and out.

Today I am happy, healthy, three years sober, nearly two years cigarette-free, 75 pounds lighter, with a great job and the home of our dreams and a beautiful life and… and today I achieved something that not so long ago seemed laughably impossible…

I ran every single day for a year. 

I no longer believe in limitations. I am living proof that anything is possible. I can do anything or be anything I choose. Every day is a new chance to keep moving forward – no dwelling, no wallowing, no regret. There is only moving forward. Even if my steps are tiny, as long as I never give up, eventually I find myself basking in a shining new existence of my own fiercely determined creation.

Thank you, dear family and friends, all of you, for following my adventures, for your thousands of likes and comments and messages on Tumblr and Facebook and Daily Mile, and for encouraging me and tough-loving me on my roughest of days. It has meant so much more than I could ever tell you.

Most of all, thank you, Steve, for being my partner in crime. You getting out there with me almost every day made it a whole lot easier to face the tough times, particularly during the heat. I am so proud of you and so proud to be your wife. You’re my hero, my rock, my biggest fan, my best friend. I cannot thank you enough for being the wonderful husband that you are. Onward to our first marathon! Together!


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