Gallery: Allstate 13.1 Half Marathon 2013

  • Melissa’s time: 1:52:49, 8:36 pace – 377/1760 overall (top 21%), 106/1007 in women (top 10%), 23/178 in division (top 13%)
  • Steve’s time: 1:36:21, 7:21 pace – 100/1760 overall (top 6%), 83/753 in men (top 11%), 12/111 in division (top 11%)


  • Steve and I both PR’ed (official races) by over 6 minutes. WOOHOO! And his finishing time absolutely amazes me. So proud.
  • The Run: Miles 1 through 3 came too fast. Miles 4 through 6 handed me my ass back hardcore, as I struggled with long uphill sections, trying to fuel, and attempting to stay on track for my goal paces. It wasn’t happening. I accepted it and moved on. Miles 7 through 12 were almost all flat or downhill, with 4 miles of it on a near straightaway. A runner’s dream. Then Mile 13 had a cruel, steep, half-mile-long hill. Ouch. After I conquered that, I flew down to the end, grinning and hollering (see Exhibit A above). I gave this course everything I had today. It was great.
  • The Body: I was very proud of this run, physically, for two main reasons: 1) My continuous work on strength, stride, form and posture continue to benefit me. I felt strong, steady and smooth the whole way through, never once sagging or flagging or falling out of step. 2) My continuous work on pacing and consistency is proving invaluable. I can slow down or speed up as I need to, as I know my body will require, to make it to the end alive and kicking, so to speak. This will serve me extremely well come Marathon day. Both of these aspects of my running have improved so dramatically in the last six months since my last Half. Love it.
  • The Mind: Oh happy day. This was a wonderful, beautiful run. Standing in dark downtown Dallas at the beginning (see photo above) was a special feeling. Running through it at the end also made me smile huge – I was looking at these skyline buildings I had grown up admiring, loving, and thinking about how I never would have guessed in a million years that I would be an athlete here, that I would be running through the streets the way I was. It made me laugh. It made me happy. I stayed on that high all the way up that awful hill, down to the finish, where Steve, my mom and my sister were waiting for me with hugs and kisses and photos and water. Joy.

And then I met the internet! Ryan and I were able to find one another and chat for about 10 minutes before she headed back to see her sister finish. So awesome meeting up and luckily, she had a stellar race as well. I’m glad you messaged me, Ryan, and I’m glad you told me about this race. I think Steve and I are going to make this a yearly event. We loved it!

(Random physical notes, hours later: I should have put more body glide on under the front of my bra. Oooowwww. My right hip is sore and so are my quads – that’s race effort, baby! I’ve been struggling with IT band problems on the outside of my left knee for a week now, but today the pain has disappeared. I don’t understand that, but I’ll take it!)


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