Goals for 2013: Recap

I can’t believe how quickly this year flew by. I will be posting new goals for the new year, but not before I reflect on my goals for this past one. My goals for 2013:

  • Run 1250 miles – revised to 2000 miles in my mid-year check-up. I am going to fall just a few dozen shy (total will be posted tomorrow). When I came up with that revised number of 2000, I thought my impending marathon training would make that number totally feasible. I had no idea how little I would run the rest of July and through August. Summer floored me. By the time I realized I was behind I only had five weeks in the year left, and then the ice storm came, I was barely able to run, my marathon was cancelled. Next year I will make it. I know how to get through the summer now and I will maintain my numbers more consistently month-to-month.
  • Run two half marathons and a full marathon – Did three Halfs (with notable improvements: 9:41 pace, 9:04 pace, 8:36 pace). I didn’t get to do my Full, but that was because of cancellation due to weather, so I call this good. I will be doing my first Full in February 2014 instead.
  • Create dozens of new quick, healthy, delicious recipes for weekly menu planning options – In 2013, I added 17 new, *repeatable* entrees and 2 side dishes to my food archive. Not dozens, but not bad!
  • Read more – I read 5 books: Born to Run, A New Earth, Running with the Mind of Meditation, Demian, Siddhartha. I re-read a couple of old favorites. I have decided this was enough. I no longer think I need to read more; I only need to read books like these that speak to my deepest thoughts and passions and emotions, books that will stay with me forever. Quality over quantity (e.g., The Essential Sheehan, which I ordered yesterday with Christmas money).
  • Listen more – I said in July that I needed to work more on this because I am too self-absorbed. I still feel that way, but my friendships with a few very special women are teaching me how to be a better friend and a better listener. I will keep working on this.
  • Nurture my old friendships more – Didn’t happen. I nurtured new ones instead. I had a few specific people in mind when I wrote that sentence a year ago, and while it sounded good on paper – nurture what you have, tend to your established relationships – life took me elsewhere. *I* took me elsewhere and I no longer feel the desire to reconnect with certain people. That is life – not bad, not good, just is.
  • Let go of my rage and practice compassion and acceptance to improve my relationship with my mom – This has only slightly improved. If I could have rated myself a 2/10 in this regard at the first of the year, I would still only rate myself a 4/10 now. It’s hard work – and obviously has everything to do with me and very little to do with her. My issues are mine. I need to find a way to break through.
  • Pay off all the purchases we put on credit for the new house – We’re about three months behind where I wanted to be at the end of this year. Not too bad, considering all the fun purchases we made this year. Need to tighten up more, though. I like living debt-free and I intend to get us there again (not including my mortgage and car payments).
  • Stay happy, healthy and fit – I stayed healthy and fit and this is the longest I have ever maintained that in my adult life – two whole years. I am super proud of that. I can’t say I stayed happy in the second half of the year, though. I have been fighting for happiness (more accurate: I have been fighting happiness itself) for months now. I am going to set some spiritual goals toward this end in 2014.

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