Goals for 2014: Running/Physical

Running Goals:

  • Run at least 2000 miles.
  • Run a sub-4:00 at my first marathon in February.
  • Break 1:50 at my Half in March (current unofficial PR 1:50:21) and break 1:45 at my Half in October.
  • Run a sub-50:00 10K (current unofficial PR 50:17) – race TBD.
  • Run a sub-23:00 5K (current unofficial PR 23:51) – race TBD.

Course of Action:

  • Run through the summer with total consistency
  • More interval training, more hills, more variety
  • Keep running every day

Physical Non-Running Goals:

  • Get stronger and leaner. No scale and no measuring tape means I can’t gauge this in solid numbers, but I will see it in clothing, clothing sizes and photos.

Course of Action:

  • Stay on track with my mileage and food. That means 35-50 miles per week and no more than 2200-2300 calories per day, averaged out. Maintenance for me is 2450-2550 per day depending on my activity level. With that kind of leeway on my intake, I have no reason to falter the way I sometimes do.
  • Stay consistent with strength training. Abs and arms and/or legs, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Yes.
  • Find new challenges every few months to stave off boredom in strength training. This is a must. I need to stop being lazy about this part because it leads me to quitting it for weeks at a time.

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