Monthly Mileage for June 2014: 85.45

  • 10.65 hiking
  • 42.80 running
  • 32.00 walking

After an optimistic last week of May, I started June in severe sciatic leg pain again, so I wasn’t sure how the month would progress. Fortunately, the setback was short-lived, less than a week, so aside from a few sick and allergy-ridden days having nothing to do with my injuries, I was able to get outside in some fashion on a near-daily basis. It was a great month.

I am also seriously enjoying this balance of activity: no current race training and no streaking have meant time for walks and talks with Steve and rediscovering my deep love of nature and hiking, activities I left no room for when I was focused on the self-imposed daily obligation of running and on my obsessive racing goals. I still want to race again, absolutely, and I still have times I would like to accomplish in the future, but for right now, this balance is so, so good.

Onward to July and slogging through the heat!


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