Gallery: Hiking 2014 – East Texas, July (1 of 2)

My Fourth of July:

  • Hiking
  • Three deer sightings (close up, on foot!)
  • Mushroom spotting
  • Leg appreciation
  • Husband appreciation ❤

Also, I have to say that one of my favorite things about trips to the woods is continual verification of my fitness. Every time. We hike for 2-2.5 hours. Then we spend 4-4.5 hours working, checking cameras, whatever needs to be done. Today it was lifting three 40- to 50-pound bags of feed over my head to Steve and carrying a 25-pound mineral block up a quarter-mile hill over extremely uneven terrain. Then I helped Steve disassemble a tripod feeder and put varmint funnels on the legs. We also put together and strapped on a tree stand ladder for a new hunting position. All split work today. And I could do it all no problem. Love it!


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