Gallery: Hiking 2014 – East Texas, July (2 of 2)

Today was amazing. Copying from my Facebook:

We saw 14 (FOURTEEN!) deer on foot this morning. That’s what a dark night, a very early start, and a major shift in weather will bring. For the first time ever, I forgot my good zoom camera (*@&*#%!) but it wouldn’t have done any of it justice anyway. We saw a bachelor group of four bucks, a mom and an adolescent buck running back and forth back and forth across a field playing (?) at dawn for a good five minutes before they noticed us, a huge doe eating and staring us down from only about 50 yards away, and many more. What. A. Day.


The only work today was setting up a new tree stand (can you spot Steve in that picture?) and carrying more 30-pound weights (feed block, mineral pour) up a hill. Love the work. Good for the soul.

We also set up the target at camp and shot our bows from 20, 30, and 40 yards. Fun.

Love woods days. Best days.


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