Monthly Mileage for July 2014: 114.70

  •  11.40 hiking
  •  69.50 running
  •  33.80 walking

I couldn’t be happier. We walked and hiked about the same as June, but ran 27 more miles, and with no return of any pains or worries. Feeling great! I have also been 100% consistent with stretching and strength work and I believe that helps.

This is the first month since February that I logged over 100 miles in some way – and yes, I am going to continue to count hiking and speed walking miles. I have separate columns in my Excel log for hiking/running/walking, so I can check them out individually, but my overall totals include everything. I am not looking to compare against anything or anyone, so my continued hard work, in whatever fashion, “counts” to me. 🙂

On that note, though, August will likely bring increased running mileage/decreased walking mileage, as we start to set our sights on our October Half Marathon goal. I’m looking forward to it.


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