Gallery: 2014 Hunting Season: Trip 2

Hunting trip #2. My panoramic view from my stand and me and my hunting buddy. Aren’t we adorable?

No real notes on this hunt. I had a much easier time climbing the 20 feet up the tree in the dark this time. I think I have the routine down, which is very reassuring. We were also able to stay up there for five hours straight this time, with no issue from me. I think I now have a routine down for that, too.

It was beautiful and peaceful and it drizzled a little and we nodded off a little. Typical treestand hunt and all in all, a lovely morning.

This was also another hunt that yielded no deer, but after checking all the cameras, we have high hopes for this weekend coming up. Even better, we will get to hunt three separate times at three separate positions. I have a good feeling we will at least see something, even if we don’t get a shot.


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