Monthly Mileage for October 2014: 101.00

  • 10.50 hiking*
  • 82.00 running
  • 8.50 walking

*I classified this as hiking for lack of a better category. It was all the trekking back and forth from the car to the treestands, our weekly rounds to check the five trail cameras, walking around the common camp area, etc. I didn’t measure all of it to the letter on my Garmin, but I measured some and likely underestimated the rest.

Breathing issues aside, I am deeply content with my level of activity and effort. More than ever, I value the idea of being active for its own sake. I walk, I run, I do strength work four times per week, but I am not training for anything specific. Instead, I am working at staying healthy, lean, and athletic simply because that is how I like to live my life now. I still marvel at that fact, and the fact that it is a permanent way of being.

It also pays a big immediate reward: every weekend when I get out in the woods and climb up and down trees, walk for miles in my hunting boots, and carry gear, I think about how capable I am, and how grateful I am to be fit and strong. Love.


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