Three Years Cigarette-Free

I commented on it to Steve periodically throughout October but then yesterday rolled around and I completely forgot to mention… November 1 marked three years cigarette-free!

I will repeat what I always say about this: if you smoke right now, quit right now. Cigarettes add NOTHING of value to your life experiences. I never look back on good memories and think “man, I wish I’d had more cigarettes that day.” I can’t even say that about alcohol and drug experiences; I mean, those were at least experiences, some of them awesome. Cigarettes? POINTLESS, USELESS POISON. Stop that shit.

I smoked for 24 years and it already seems like it never even happened. And as much as I complain about my lungs lately, I couldn’t be happier with how far they’ve come since I quit. Best thing I ever did. Three years! Woohoo!


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