Annual Mileage for 2014: 1213.14

  • 57.45 hiking
  • 895.02 running
  • 260.67 walking

Obviously, knowing me, the 1213.14 was intentional. When I saw this morning that I had 1207 something, I calculated what I would need to land on a cool number and voila. It also makes me think of 2012, 2013, 2014 – the three years I’ve been running. Nice.

In 2013, I logged 1963.11 miles, all from running. I had no walking or hiking to document. This year, in the course of my recovery, walking and hiking became such a large portion of my activity that I logged every single outing. To me, every mile counted, no matter how it was accomplished.

And I am crazy proud and grateful for this mileage. I spent 5 months injured, some of it severe, and I still managed to move over 1200 miles on my own two legs. I feel awesome about that.

Also, because I documented it last year, I am going to do so again this year. Steve’s Annual Mileage for 2014 was 960.37 (74.44 hiking, 756.93 running, 129.00 walking). He spent a large chunk of this year injured too, and I am really happy for him for what he was able to accomplish. So is he.

Here’s to a new year of running, walking, and hiking – injury-free!


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