Monthly Mileage for January 2015: 127.85

  • 2.35 hiking
  • 116.00 running
  • 9.50 walking

Awesome month. That is the most running miles I’ve logged since January 2014. Long road, eh? My goal for 2015 is 1500 miles, which means I need 125 per month. I thought briefly maybe that was too lofty, but already having 116 this month tells me that is definitely not the case.

I am deeply pleased these days with my training variety and my other work that supports my running. I wondered for a long time about re-injuring myself on the logical basis that if I went back to doing exactly what I was doing before, I would only end up hurt again. I am glad that I finally found some semblance of humility and grace and have moved forward with more thought and care. I am not doing the same old crap that got me hurt. I am finally training smarter, better.

I am happy and healthy and loving every damn bit of this slow, steady progress.


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