And then there was that time the ATV battery died and we had to push it out of the woods over 200 yards of uneven terrain.

Remember I kept saying we were exhausted on Sunday? Well, field work is one thing. This, though. This was one of the hardest physical tasks I think either one of us have ever done.

The battery wasn’t happy to begin with; we had to jump it with the truck when we got there. But by the time we went into this area (an area not suitable to drive the truck), we thought we had been running it long enough to stay charged. Nope. After we took down the camera and the ground blind, we hopped back in, Steve turned the key and… nope.

There was no hesitation. We got out and pushed – Steve from the back, me from the front, steering, as necessary, and pushing my whole body’s strength on that front bar to propel it forward. And when we hit dips or inclines, I went to the back and pushed with Steve, sometimes rolling it two or three times for momentum.

I cannot tell you how difficult yet hilarious this was. We were smiling the whole time. I don’t know if it’s because we both enjoy an insane physical challenge or because getting upset about it would have been pointless. No matter. It was funny to me. It still is.

Near the last of it, there was a series of dips on an incline and Steve said he wasn’t sure we’d be able to take it on. I said “well, we either needed to do this or not do this and we’re already doing it, so we’re damn well gonna make it!” And we did. We finally got it close enough to the main path to bring our vehicle over to jump it. And it only took about 25 minutes.

As we walked back down the road to retrieve the truck so we could jump start it, I looked at Steve, he looked at me, and we laughed. This is one of those stories. A Steve and Melissa best friend crazy moment story. Loved it.


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