Gallery: Field Work 2015 – Part 1

First work day of the off season. Highlights:

  • Getting both ground blinds and all the cameras down for the spring for maintenance, quality check, clean-up, etc.
  • Taking down the treestand set that has been out there the longest (2 years) for maintenance and also to give the tree a break.
  • Steve speaking to aforementioned tree and saying how sorry he was for how deep some of the straps had burrowed into the trunk and that he would never leave the stand up that long again. <—-File this under one of the reasons I love him.
  • Lifting 50-pound bags of corn over my head for Steve to fill the feeders. Testing my strength like that never gets old.
  • Lowering, emptying, and repairing the tripod feeder. So much work.

We have big plans this year for food plots, scouting, moving multiple treestands, taking down three of the five double sets and making them singles, for more options. This last hunting season was not very productive (and not only for us – weather and lack of deer movement were issues for lots of folks), but I’m already feeling excited about next year’s prospects. We only have to put in the work!


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