Gallery: Valentine’s Weekend 2015

Valentine’s Day Weekend Camping Trip Highlights:

  • Field work and the accompanying scrapes, scratches, and soreness
  • Sitting in a treestand together (hoping for pigs, but seeing only rabbit and birds)
  • Stargazing on a clear night
  • The meditation of a crackling campfire
  • The way the wind sounds like the ocean when it blows through the pines
  • Long, deep, quiet night’s sleep in our cozy tent
  • A fiery sunrise while we ate our breakfast
  • Hiking on a crisp grey morning
  • Scouting through uncharted territory

This weekend makes 21 times Steve and I have celebrated Valentine’s Day with one another, and though the previous 20 were lovely, this one outdid them all. It never even occurred to me to ask for a card or gift this year. In fact, on the way home, we decided that we are never doing cards or gifts for Valentine’s ever again. From this point forward, only special meals or outdoors time or doing other things we enjoy together. That’s all we needed.


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