Gallery: Hiking 2015 – East Texas, April

  • 6 glorious miles. This was our first hiking only trip out here in a while and it was one of my favorite hikes ever. Spring is here and it’s beautiful.
  • I spent some time reminiscing with Steve about the hikes we took last Spring, when I was in constant pain. It’s like I’d forgotten how bad it was until I was out there again. I am damn grateful for how far I’ve come.
  • All morning long, I was in love – with the woods, with my husband, with myself. Everything just felt GOOD.
  • I saw a wild pig for the very first time. Steve has seen plenty, but this was my first. The pig ran when he saw us. Huge, muscular, nimble thing, not at all like a farm pig.
  • Little bit of field work. Hard work in the woods always makes me feel incredibly strong and capable. Carrying a 40-pound bag of protein feed uphill over uneven terrain is not easy. I rock.

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