Monthly Mileage for April 2015: 145.50

  • 5.75 hiking
  • 120.00 running
  • 19.75 walking

I totally meant to do more hiking, but the way most of our weekends worked out, it either poured rain out there or we couldn’t make the drive due to other social obligations. I told Steve we will definitely be making up for that in May. I need the woods. MORE WOODS, PLEASE.

Otherwise, though, I love these numbers! 120 miles run, exactly 4 miles average per day. So cool. My goal for the year means I am aiming for 125 per month and I haven’t hit that yet, but I’ve been close enough each time to make me believe I will probably make up for it later in the year. And if not, that’s okay too. I am glad to still be out there right now because… 

Here’s the thing. In March, I commented about recurring aches and pains in my lower back, knees, shins, and feet. Well, it’s been two months and most of it has worked itself out… except for my right foot. And by my right foot, I mean every part of it: arch, ankle, achilles, posterior tendon – they are all problematic to the point that I feel like I am courting injury and it’s troubling. It’s so troubling I’ve avoided even mentioning it in my posts this month. But I can’t ignore it, either.

I’ve been doing what I can: foam rolling my calf every day, stretching, doing strength and PT exercises. Some days it seems to be getting better; other days I am not sure. I only hope I can head it off and keep running. I hope. I may have to have a stern talk with myself and take a rest for a week. Or more. We shall see.


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