Monthly Mileage for May 2015: 97.75

  • 10.00 hiking
  • 83.00 running
  • 4.75 walking

Once again, not enough hiking due to either weather (including yesterday, dammit) or other social obligations. We just might not get as much hiking in this year as we did last year before hunting season hits. Nothing to be done about it. We are out there as we are able to be.

As for the rest, this was not what I hoped for this month, but it was all I could bring myself to do, physically and mentally. Foot and achilles pain, exhaustion, stress, depression, and anxiety have all affected my motivation. I sure as hell hope June makes this all seem like a quick fading memory.

But hey. For real. All that said, I am grateful for these miles. They are nothing to scoff at and I know that. I really do.


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