Gallery: Run the Rails 5K 2015

So humid, so hot. About 82 degrees in our area while we ran today. It was a very difficult run. I pretty much lost it on the third mile (Garmin showed 3.17 miles with splits at 7:56, 8:15, 8:53, 7:59, that last bit being downhill).

So yeah, in theory, according to what I’ve been aiming for the last few months, my results were not entirely what I wanted. But it doesn’t matter one bit because I gave this everything I had today. I am happy and proud.

This is what races do for me: give me perspective. I forgot how much I love races for that reason. They make all my worries and stress about training, motivation, weight, eating, everything fly right out the window. All that matters is the race and the joy. I forgot about all that. Must do again soon.

P.S. Big love to Steve for supporting me from the sidelines today – and for getting that awesome shot of me “flying!”


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