Monthly Mileage for June 2015: 112.20

  • 2.20 hiking
  • 102.00 running
  • 8.00 walking

YET AGAIN, not enough hiking due to weather or social obligations. I am hoping for at least three Saturdays in July, but I would at least settle for two. We still have work to do with moving stands and clearing brush and it’s way too hard to work AND hike on the same day.

In my Monthly Mileage post for May, I said this: 

…it was all I could bring myself to do, physically and mentally. Foot and achilles pain, exhaustion, stress, depression, and anxiety have all affected my motivation. I sure as hell hope June makes this all seem like a quick fading memory.

And it did! Ain’t that always the way? Ebb and flow. Since about the second week of the month, I have been motivated, energetic, happy, peaceful – and absolutely loving all the running. I am convinced July will be more of the same!


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