Hiking 2015 – East Texas, July

  • 5.4 miles of hills, heat, and pure happiness
  • Deer sightings on foot – our first this year! We saw two singles, a pair, and a bachelor group of three or four. Amazing. Always amazing sneaking up on deer on foot, before they stomp and snort and run off, white tails waving goodbye.
  • Flowers, mushrooms, butterflies, rabbits, bugs, all quite different from the ones I saw last year. How awesome is that? Nature is never the same.
  • Q: Why walking sticks? A: Spider webs in trees EVERYWHERE. Summer mornings in the south, man.
  • Feeling madly, deeply in love with my husband yesterday, appreciating sharing a day of long car rides with sick new music, silly jokes, sweat, the thrill of nature, and the reward of hard work with my favorite person in the universe.

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