Monthly Mileage for July 2015: 123.90

  • 7.40 hiking
  • 104.00 running
  • 12.50 walking

That was only 2 hiking trips. There just wasn’t enough hiking this year. Too much bad weather, too many other plans, and too much work. Ah well. We will make up for it in the spring.

As for the running, I was sure I would have 115 to end the month, but I took off both yesterday AND today. I am exhausted and I really needed the rest and extra sleep (got in all my strength training, though!).

Tomorrow is a woods work day and that will make three non-running days in a row – a good reset for my energy levels (not to mention, um, my left knee, left hamstring, lower back and right foot… *cough*… taking care of everything best I can, I promise!).

But, 104 miles is awesome and July was definitely what I hoped it would be in terms of mental attitude (STILL loving the challenge of summer running!) and physical strength-building. In fact, my paces on my moderate and hard runs have been far faster this month than I even expected. Hoping to see more of that in August, as it will translate into some awesome speeds when the weather starts to cool. I’m excited to see what happens.



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