Gallery: Field Work 2015 – Trip 5


Three miles of hiking just for work projects, and a total 6.5 hours of labor in heat and humidity so bad it felt like being in the jungle. Our clothes were soaked through with sweat and dirt.

But we got every last thing done for proper hunting season setup: repositioned a ladder stand, rehung a double treestand set, cut down trees and vines and foliage with pruners, hand saw, and pole saw, tweaked some hardware on the feeders, collected camera cards, limed and fertilized the food plot that I sprayed a couple of weeks ago. We only have seeding of the fall food plot next week and that is IT.

I worked crazy hard. At one point, I exerted my arm muscles so intensely, my hands were shaking involuntarily for a few minutes after, simply trying to grip a water bottle. Honestly, it felt great. I am proud of my strength and sturdiness.

A little over five weeks to go!


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