Monthly Mileage for August 2015: 112.00

  • 10.00 hiking
  • 94.00 running
  • 8.00 walking

A little more hiking, typical walking, and slightly fewer running miles than I expected going into August. Considering how bad my left leg was starting to feel mid-month, and how many days I took off because of that, these numbers are pretty awesome.

Speaking of, I jumped the gun a little last week. My IT band and knee are still twinging. They started up again late Thursday. But, I can at least say they are not ever getting worse. They are only getting better as I treat them with all the rehab tricks I know.

So I am still optimistic. I would just like to get to a point to where, when I squat down for any reason (like even something as basic as getting something from a bottom shelf at the grocery store), I don’t feel “that familiar feeling” on the lower outside underneath part of my knee as I stand back up. I am very hopeful I will get there again.

In the meantime? Loving the running. Grateful I can BE running. Of course, I feel like without any races on my near horizon, and with being on a very non-specific training program, my runs are probably boring reading. But this is where I am at right now. Doing what feels happy and healthy. And I may not get to run a Half this fall, but then, I may yet. I’ll know if it feels right to push myself in that direction again.

Bring it on, September!


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