Monthly Mileage for September 2015: 130.00

  • 5.00 hiking
  • 109.00 running
  • 16.00 walking

One amazing anniversary hike, twice my usual walking, and a wonderful amount of running miles considering I ended August courting injury again.

As for today, I didn’t run hard or easy; I walked 4 miles instead. I was already hesitant to go all out this morning, and then last night, my back and sciatic were in pain. So I chucked the debate altogether and walked. The weather is bliss right now and it felt great.

No new goals for October other than to see if I can, for the first time this year, maintain a 30+ miles/week running schedule without some part of my lower body starting to go wonky. If this last couple of weeks is any indication, I am extremely optimistic that will be the case.

Big picture, I have a reminder in my Outlook task list for November to “sign up for a Half Marathon.” I am pretty hopeful I will be able to put a little check mark next to it once that time comes.


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