Gallery: 2015 Hunting Season: Trip 1

Pictures 1 and 2: Saturday morning in our new double treestand set. We sat down at 6:30 AM and about 7:15 AM, a tiny yearling doe showed up and poked around for about 10 minutes. Really sweet watching her. The next 2 hours were some of the coldest of my life. 50 to 55 degrees in a treestand with not enough layers is not nice. I was wracked with shivers and clenching my stomach muscles hard over and over. It was exhausting. We stood for a while and practiced drawing our bows in the stand, partly because that’s always a good idea, and partly to warm ourselves.

Pictures 3 and 4: Last year, I didn’t have a set of binoculars or a rangefinder. I’m stoked to have both this year. I took Steve’s old ones (NOT complaining – Leupold and Nikon kick ass) and he got some newer versions.

Picture 5: I look as comfortable as I feel in hunting gear this year. It seems very natural to me to have this stuff on me now – and even better, my clothes are looser than they were last year at this time. Which, woohoo! but also yay for the sake of layering more comfortably underneath once it gets colder.

Picture 6: We got down from the stand early, around 10:00 AM. Winds were light but swirling and it seemed silly to stay when surely the wind would give our scent away. But we were foolish. Right as we were packing up, two larger does passed behind us on the back trail (about 30-35 yards away). If we had been in the stand, motionless, they might have come in to the feeder to give us a shot opportunity. Oh well. These things happen.

Pictures 7 and 8: We saw multiple other small animals this trip. On the way to our afternoon sit, we passed a skunk in the open field and booked it past him before he could charge us. Once we got in the stand, we saw a coyote puppy – SO CUTE, but we had to get his attention and scare him off because obviously no deer will come by if he’s there. But SO CUTE. We also saw a collection of cardinals on the ground and in the bushes around the feeder, loads of little squirrels in the trees, and an armadillo making all kinds of noise in the brush in front of Steve. All interesting to watch, but the noises these critters make is misleading and frustrating. So many times you think a deer is coming but it’s just a bird or something. Jerks.

Picture 9: View from the afternoon double treestand set. This is the same set I was in last year by myself when I took a shot at a doe and missed. And in a happy turn of events and second chances, it’s also the spot where I stood and shot my pig on Sunday. That is another post.

Picture 10: I can’t even with this picture. Steve didn’t know I was taking it, he just grabbed my hand when I reached for his around the tree and we squeezed. Love this. ❤


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