Always Grateful

Steve and I were turning down the bed tonight and I suddenly had a very vivid flashback to all the years we slept on a cheap old bed with unmatched sheets and blankets and pillows. And the months during dating and then again in our early marriage when we slept on the floor because we couldn’t afford a bed.

Now, I sit here in my big soft bed in my beautiful, quiet, clean, earth toned house, warm and content. It’s autumn. It’s raining. Steve is still right here next to me. Cats are purring everywhere. We just watched two hours of Doctor Who, upstairs under a fuzzy blanket.

This is what I meant when I said the life of my dreams is the one right in front of me. No need to wander in search. It’s all right here. Steve and I are continually making every dream come true – the most significant of those being the simple serenity of stability, something neither of us had before each other.

Always always always grateful for what we’ve created and given to one another.


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