Monthly Mileage for October 2015: 137.50

  • 10.50 hiking
  • 122.00 running
  • 5.00 walking

Much more hiking and woods time thanks to the start of hunting season. Very little walking (I should be doing more daily cooldowns!) and my highest monthly running mileage all year.

I came close to running miles like this multiple months this year, but was never able to maintain it without starting to have multiple pains or injury scares. It seems I may have finally overcome that. My only goal for October was to run 30+ miles per week while staying healthy and I did that. Six weeks of 30+ now and I am feeling fine. I am even currently on an 11-day streak totaling 55 miles. Been way too long since I could say anything like that. Happy happy.

I also said at the end of September that I have a reminder in my Outlook task list for November to “sign up for a Half Marathon” and that I was pretty hopeful I will be able to put a little check mark next to it once that time comes. That stands. For sure.


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