Four Years Cigarette-Free

October 31, 2011, I had my last cigarette. I was a little over a year sober and finally ready to give up another massive crutch. Food would come later (and it’s still a small battle) but smoking was the biggie, after alcohol.

And I still struggle with my damaged lungs. My inhalers will probably always be necessary to some degree. But I know that I could be a lot worse off than I am. I know that by losing all the weight and running like I do, I have improved my health and extended my life considerably. It’s what I can do now, and I do it.

Also, I say this every year and will keep saying it: if you smoke right now, quit. Quit right now. Cigarettes add nothing of value to your life experiences. I never look back on good memories and think “man, I wish I’d had more cigarettes that day.” I smoked for 24 years and it seems like a distant, surreal memory of someone I used to be. Cigarettes are pointless, useless poison. And I promise you can live without them. Stop that shit.


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