Monthly Mileage for November 2015: 148.00

  • 5.00 hiking
  • 136.00 running
  • 7.00 walking

Not much on the walking or hiking (hiking right now is only from treestand to treestand) but look at those running miles! I am steadily increasing mileage every month, still uninjured.

Now, full disclosure: my knee was really unhappy with me for a day or two after that hills workout I did a couple of weeks ago – even after avoiding real hills for eight weeks prior. I nursed it, it went away. And my IT band, back, and knee were all grousing quite a bit over this weekend, even on the days I took off, though I am sure that was partly due to all the standing and cooking and cleaning I did for the two Thanksgivings. I nursed everything and now I’m fine. And I believe as long as I stay aware, I can keep myself that way.

But, I also decided this month not to sign up for a Half just yet. Even if the twinges are only here and there, I don’t want to jinx it. Give me another few months of mileage like this in which I feel fine, and then maybe I will go for it. But for now, I still don’t want the pressure of training for something while I have any uncertainty. I am enjoying the ability to run all the miles I want to run (FINALLY) without fear of injury and without pressure of distance, time, or speed. It’s good. It’s wonderful, actually. It’s one of the things I am most grateful for this year.

Onward to December. I can already see from my mileage log that I am not quite going to hit my lofty running mileage goal for 2015, but that is totally okay. I am truly happy with where I am at.


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