Goals for 2015: Recap

Goals for 2015

  • Running: Run 1500 miles. PR at the Run the Rails 5K in June and the Michelob Ultra Half Marathon in October. All other races TBD, up to and possibly including the Dallas Marathon in December.
  • Health: Get rid of this extra weight I am carrying around my middle after a year of too much emotional eating. No more nighttime snacking that is really the equivalent of a fourth and fifth meal. No more drinking diet sodas at lunch or four cups of coffee with artificial sweetener every morning. The lure of zero calories does no good when all it does is make me crave more crap and more sugar later in the day and evening. I’m done with this.
  • Outdoor Life: Hike. Camp. Hunt. Spend as much time outdoors as possible. Shoot my first deer with my bow.
  • Financial: Pay off 80% of our debt. This year did not go as planned in that regard. In 2015 I am destroying that shit.
  • Emotional/Spiritual: Relax more, worry less. Love without fear – especially my girlfriends. Stop playing what if’s and anticipating rejection. Speak up, take more risks, be more honest with myself and others. Write more. Spend more time cuddling with Steve. Take naps. Be happy. Just. Be. Happy.

So how did I do?

  • Running: Ran 1331.50, but with walking and hiking, I went just over my goal for a total of 1508.45. I’ll take it. No race PRs. This year was much much harder than I expected in terms of remaining injury-free. But I have my weekly mileage back to a place I am pretty happy with and that’s been more than enough!
  • Health: Definitely lost weight. Since I don’t have a scale I can’t say exactly how much, but I would guess 10 pounds between June and December. I hoped for twice that, but it’s a constant work in progress. I still nighttime snack like a maniac sometimes (peanut butter for daaaaaays) and it’s hard to quit. But you know what I did stick to 100%?ZERO artificial sweetener this year and ZERO diet sodas. 2014 was the only year of my life I ever drank soda or put sweet n low in my drinks and I am damn well keeping it that way. Blech.
  • Outdoor Life: Spent a good deal of time in the woods. Did not shoot my first deer with my bow, but I did shoot two pigs, one of them a real giant.
  • Financial: Nope. We did make about 40% headway, though, and we have a great plan that we put in place in 2015 that has us continuing on the right track in 2016.
  • Emotional/Spiritual: I did significantly better this year in a number of ways: relaxing more, worrying less, being vulnerable – especially with the women in my life, being more spontaneous, more open and sharing, and letting go of control. Still feel very stuck in some ways, though. More to come in 2016 goals post.

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