Goals for 2016


  • Determine what enriches me or makes me happy and stop doing anything that doesn’t. This applies to entertainment, hobbies, interpersonal relationships, internet habits, you name it. I need to make some changes.
  • Care less about calories and about my weight. Fully accept that I am beautiful and perfect just as I am, even if I never lose that other ten pounds again. Steve has already been helping me with this one. So much.
  • Be a better wife. Be more affectionate. Be more patient. Listen more. Interrupt less. Let him be who he is.
  • Strengthen my friendships. Make the first move. Be vulnerable. Spend time with those who show interest in spending time with me. Don’t overthink. Just be me.


  • Run 1800 miles
  • PR a Half Marathon distance (race or no race)
  • Strength train 3x/week (I did this nearly without fail in 2015!)
  • Hike at least one state park in Texas
  • Hike as much of Big Sur as possible in September
  • Kill my first deer with my bow
  • Pay debt down to zero

2016 is going to be a damn great year.


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2016

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