The Perfect Body


This is what I meant in my Goals for 2016 post. This is where I am trying to get my head at.

“I overheard a woman wondering aloud in disgust to her friend when she would, if ever, have “a yoga body.”
My heart paused.
I wanted to lift her hand to my soft middle & say, “This is a yoga body,” and to my strong arms, “and so is this,” and to my injuries, “and so is this.”
I wanted to ask her to close her eyes, place her hand over her own heart and take a deep breath… “and most importantly THIS,” I would say to her.
Your “yoga body” has nothing to do with its shape, but everything to do with the space you hold for it to be human and imperfect.
Your “yoga body” is not the body you will have “someday,” but the one that is breathing in and out for you right now.
It will never match your expectation if you expect it to look like someone else’s. And you may never feel at home in it if your expectations revolve around its shape and weight. Bodies change, break, heal. Constantly.
When you see images that promise static perfection, close your eyes to it & open them to yourself in all your present, messy, imperfect glory.
You cannot self-loathe your way into self-love, nor hate your way into happiness.
The path to peace is not an impossible journey.
You simply have to stand still.
In your own body.

Source (with thanks to Ultra Chelsea)


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