Real Friendship

Daily Dharma from Tricycle:

“Hang out with people who are capable of making a commitment to you and your life, and who require that you make a commitment to theirs. Hang out with people who care about you, with people who need you to develop and who say so. Make such a commitment and don’t break that bond until you and all beings are perfect.”

This is something I’ve learned the hard way. But I have finally learned. I took some steps to that end in 2015; today’s daily dharma email was a good reminder to take the rest of those steps in 2016, as I have promised myself I would.

Life is too short to choose to spend it in the company of people who do not commit to me or propel me forward, or, on the flip side of that, for me to commit to people who do not want to receive that from me.

Give and take, love and be loved, and help each other be the best we can be. That is real friendship.


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