Six Years

Six years sober today!

Not much to say today. I have thought a lot about drinking in the last few months – not for any negative reasons, but for positive ones, i.e., I was hanging out with friends in California and it seemed like drinking with everyone would be fun or I was planning to maybe possibly have champagne in Big Sur for my 20th wedding anniversary coming up or just, in general, life is great these days and it feels like sometimes I could drink moderately and be fine. I think. But I have no way of knowing how that risk would turn out.

And then the closer I got to today’s 6-year mark, the prouder I felt that I hadn’t done it after all and the more I knew I didn’t want to plan to do it, either – BECAUSE I don’t know how it would turn out. And the “reward,” such as it is, is still not worth that risk.

So I made it to six years. Happy and healthy. Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Six Years

  1. I’ve only *known* you for about 2 of these years, but it’s been a joy and privilege to follow your awesome journey. Thank you for the bravery, the honesty and for being you. ❤


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