Something Beautiful

Why are we so quick to see the ugly when we stand before the beautiful? Why have we declared that those who are different from us are separate from us? Why do we stand before the light only to turn and face the darkness?

Far back to the earliest moments of human memory, we’ve broken ourselves into small tribes of inclusion, only so that we can treat others with exclusion. We told ourselves that we were right. That we were superior. And that god was on our side.

So many sacred scriptures, rites, edicts, and doctrines are bathed in the blood of tribes, each one warring against the other, each one declaring divine right, each prepared to take their divisions, their bigotry, their fear, and their hatred to the grave. And, tragically, many do so.

Thousands and thousands of groups, religions, cultures, races and nations, each declaring that it’s us versus them, each building their temples, monuments, and messages upon the human tragedy of ignorance, division, and hate.

It’s such a waste, to look at all others, and hope to only see ourselves. To stand upon the claims of primitive times and primitive minds, declaring that times and minds should never change. And holding in contempt the very people we should be holding in our arms.Ignorance. Fear. Hatred. We teach it to our children. They teach it to their children, who teach it to their children. We cloak it in the shroud of righteousness. We speak it in the name of justice. And we claim it in the name of god.

And we could be so. much. better.

I have witnessed the power of hatred, but I discovered a much grander and better world beyond. I see your face… and it is beautiful. I hear your voice… and it is beautiful. I know that you are different than me… and it is beautiful. And I am proud to stand beside you like a brother. I AM your brother. We are links in the human chain – alive at this moment for a brief, priceless chance to breathe the air, to feel the sun upon our faces. To speak the very best words for the very best reasons. To pursue the best ideas and achieve the greatest dreams. To unite instead of divide. To heal instead of harm. And to share together the preciousness of life.

Wouldn’t it be something if those were the things we taught to our children? To look at someone who’s different – wonderfully different – and see something beautiful?

Credit and thanks to The Thinking Atheist.


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