Monthly Mileage for April 2016: 95.50

  • 0.00 hiking
  • 92.00 running
  • 3.50 walking

I thought March was an anomaly but April felt worse. I ran a similar percentage of days both months (19/31 and 18/30), but god what a slog it was in April. I have fallen in a rut and fallen out of love with running. I know from my streaking days that this will eventually pass, that if I simply force myself to continue on, the joy will return. But man it’s been tough. I’ve never had a low period last this long. I considered taking a hiatus and doing something else but I honestly cannot imagine what. So I will carry on. For now.

And yes, zero hiking again, but my perspective on that has changed. Steve and I are, rather unexpectedly, focusing on other parts of our life this year, other interests and passions and areas where we are spending our time, money, and energy. And we are loving it. So perhaps no hiking until September in Big Sur – and that’s just fine. 


Monthly Mileage for March 2016: 107.75

  • 0.00 hiking
  • 106.00 running
  • 1.75 walking

Zero hiking. Sigh. Since we gave up our hunting lease, hiking isn’t naturally integrated into our routine. But I mentioned to Steve that we really need to make the effort in April. Even if we opt out of a big camping/hiking trip this year, we have Cedar Hill State Park locally or we could still enjoy East Texas by going to Tyler State Park. I just love seeing the outdoors come back to full, vibrant, colorful life in the spring. I don’t want to completely miss it.

As for the running. Hm. I’m not sure why I took so many days off in March. I only ran 19/31 days. I think it’s a combination of burnout/boredom, shifted priorities, and just plain tiredness. It’s funny, too, that when I look back to last year, I seem to remember March feeling the same to me – and indeed, when I checked my mileage log just now, I saw that I ran 20/31 days last March. Something about coming out of the really high mileage cold weather running months, I think maybe I need the break? Who knows.

Regardless, overall, I think I am doing really well for 2016, even if I am not quite hitting my stated goal for this year – which I already knew was aiming really high when I stated it. I’m doing the best I can. And that is so absolutely good enough. I am enough. I feel that deep down today. ❤

Monthly Mileage for February 2016: 147.25

  • 1.00 hiking
  • 143.00 running
  • 3.25 walking

Not bad. I really wanted that 150 but hey. Life.

I did manage to run almost every day of vacation; I only skipped the actual wedding day and the day after when I pretty much couldn’t get out of bed. Actually, that was yesterday and I am still. so. tired. And jet lagged. But I got up and got five miles done this morning before work anyway. Because I’m awesome.

Also of note: running on the treadmill, beach (three days!), and mountain terrain (OOF) in California were all interesting and/or amazing and/or stunningly beautiful. I wish I always had variety like that.

Monthly Mileage for January 2016: 127.25

  • 1.50 hiking
  • 120.00 running
  • 5.75 walking

Well, that didn’t go quite as planned. I was totally on track to come in just under my monthly goal of 150 miles running – even with some hunting weekends taking up time. Aaaaand then I got sick. Oh well.

Looking ahead for February, I will have to work hard to make my 150 goal since an entire 9 of 29 days is going to be spent in California. It will take a little extra diligence to get the daily runs in, but I know I can do it. (Side note: I am seriously curious what it is going to feel like to do most of those runs on a treadmill since I have not run on one in almost four years.)

I am also not likely to have any real hiking numbers for this next month, either, but that will be made up PLENTY in the spring, summer, and fall of this year. Lots to look forward to.

Annual Mileage for 2015: 1508.45

  • 65.20 hiking
  • 1331.50 running
  • 111.75 walking

My goal for this year was 1500 running miles. I knew months ago I wasn’t going to hit that number and that was fine. This entire year has felt like two steps forward, one step back, and recurring injuries and threat of old bad injuries came up in March, May, and August, each time forcing me to rest and reevaluate.

Only in the last few months of this year have I felt nearly as strong as I did a couple of years ago. And it has been AWESOME. I am currently logging around 35 miles per week without any issue and I don’t see why I can’t continue on that level – and then some. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. Finally.

So! Onward to 2016. I have no idea if/when I will sign up for races again, but I think there will be one or two in there somewhere. But as I keep reiterating lately, I am happy running just to run these days. Thankful that my legs are carrying me through. That is enough.

Monthly Mileage for November 2015: 148.00

  • 5.00 hiking
  • 136.00 running
  • 7.00 walking

Not much on the walking or hiking (hiking right now is only from treestand to treestand) but look at those running miles! I am steadily increasing mileage every month, still uninjured.

Now, full disclosure: my knee was really unhappy with me for a day or two after that hills workout I did a couple of weeks ago – even after avoiding real hills for eight weeks prior. I nursed it, it went away. And my IT band, back, and knee were all grousing quite a bit over this weekend, even on the days I took off, though I am sure that was partly due to all the standing and cooking and cleaning I did for the two Thanksgivings. I nursed everything and now I’m fine. And I believe as long as I stay aware, I can keep myself that way.

But, I also decided this month not to sign up for a Half just yet. Even if the twinges are only here and there, I don’t want to jinx it. Give me another few months of mileage like this in which I feel fine, and then maybe I will go for it. But for now, I still don’t want the pressure of training for something while I have any uncertainty. I am enjoying the ability to run all the miles I want to run (FINALLY) without fear of injury and without pressure of distance, time, or speed. It’s good. It’s wonderful, actually. It’s one of the things I am most grateful for this year.

Onward to December. I can already see from my mileage log that I am not quite going to hit my lofty running mileage goal for 2015, but that is totally okay. I am truly happy with where I am at.